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What you need to know about Ecessa

Ecessa pivoted in 2000 to start providing WAN link failover and load balancing appliances to give wide area networks greater reliability, bandwidth and redundancy. They solve problems that most businesses are facing today like:

  • Bandwidth Boundaries
  • Business Continuity
  • Cloud Computing
  • Company Expansion of Locations
  • Growing IT Demands
  • Downed Networks

Ecessa Products

Internet Failover and Load Balancing for Small Businesses, Stores and Branch Offices. Ecessa Edge combines the strengths of up to three ISP links and makes network magic happen and includes monitoring and reporting so you know what you are paying for.


PowerLink provides automatic failover between WAN connections, including ISP links, with load balancing and traffic shaping, to eliminate network congestion and deliver 100% availability of your critical applications. Whether they’re on the Internet, in the cloud or at one of your remote locations, you’ll have continuous access to your resources. Now get the added security of basic firewall and site-to-site VPN features.


ClariLink Internet appliances eliminate dropped calls. They load balances SIP traffic over multiple WAN links and service providers for redundant, diverse link connectivity and automatic session failover, so that even if one of your carriers has a total meltdown, your callers stay on the line. It also supports up to 20 gigabit per second high speed connections.


Use WANworX to boost the performance and reliability of private, public and hybrid cloud networks. Its WAN aggregation, optimization and software defined network virtualization features let you combine different carrier and ISP services, such as fiber, T1, DSL, cable and wireless, create secure VPN tunnels and actively use failover lines instead of just keeping them on standby. It supports 20 Gbps fiber and copper high-speed connections for your data center.

Ecessa Cloud

Configure, manage and monitor your WAN link devices with the cloud. Ecessa Cloud is an advanced WAN management platform designed to make deploying and maintaining multiple Ecessa devices simple, from a single dashboard – anytime, from anywhere you can access the Internet. 

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