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Cologix provides secure and scalable data center colocation and interconnectivity. Their local service helps make the transition to a local colocation center easy, safe and affordable. You will always have 24/7 access to specialists on the ground that are focused on your servers and your success.


100% focused on network neutral interconnection and colocation with the belief that focus delivers the best results for our customers.


Meet Me Room environments offer massively scalable access to a dense connectivity platform. Direct access to a platform of more than 350 unique networks through our strategically located network neutral data centers.


Fundamental belief that customers are best supported locally. Direct access to local operations teams, which results in strong partnerships backed by exceptional operational support and superior customer service.

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Cologix’s colocation platform includes 21 data centers across eight North American markets and provides choice and flexibility to match our clients’ technical business and commercial objectives.

Space: Customers bring unique needs specific to power density, security, efficiency, workspace and cost. Cologix can match their needs to cabinets, cages, private pods or private suites across the platform and has time and again shown a willingness to be flexible to make customers happy.

Power: All Cologix facilities are equipped with UPS and generator back up. Customers have choices to address their desired trade-off between costs and risk reduction by providing them with a range of additional power redundancy.

Security: Cologix data centers are all secure with layered access controls, access record retention and CCTV. Customers with elevated security needs will find data centers with building and suite level manned security, badge and bio access and anti-tailgating mantraps.

Cooling: Cologix’s platform spans very different climates, from Dallas to Montreal. As such, Cologix leverages redundant cooling solutions that are unique to the market/facility to enable a range of power densities, efficiency and maximum reliability.



The Cologix interconnection platform provides a focal point for communities of service providers and service buyers to transact business, bringing global marketplaces to local businesses and consumers.

Cross Connects

  • Connections to networks, service providers, partners or peers via physical media in one of Cologix’s secure, managed Meet-Me-Rooms
  • Standard Media: Fiber, Coax , CAT5/CAT6, POTS
  • See Interactive Meet-Me-Room for available networks

Metro Connect:

  • Intra-market connections between Cologix data centers, leveraging redundant dark fiber networks and massively scalable 4Tbps+ network architectures. Primary use cases are to connect redundant IT deployments or extend connectivity options from main carrier hotel.
  • Managed Lit Services – FastE, GigE
  • High Bandwidth Passive Wave (DWDM)

Dark Fiber

  • In select markets, Cologix owns metro dark fiber which can be used to connect 3rd party locations to a Cologix interconnect site.

Dark Fiber, Metro Connect, Cross Connects

Standard Connections

Standard Connections provides a low cost, low risk service that allows customers to easily establish a point of presence within a Cologix facility and access its interconnection community.

  • Rapid access to strategic interconnection hubs
  • Low risk network expansion
  • Scalable cost model as connections build

Peering Exchanges

Cologix hosts independent, open, member-run Internet exchanges within our data centers to provide customers direct IX access via our Meet Me Rooms.

  • Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE) in Minneapolis, MN
  • Montreal Internet Exchange (QIX) in Montreal, Quebec
  • Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) in Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) in Vancouver, British Columbia

Peering Exchanges

Remote Hands

Cologix's local expert technicians provide Remote Hands services to extend our customers' team and capability to the data center floor, including racking and stacking, swapping removable media and many other services.

Cologix Command Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Cologix Command is a powerful and uniquely integrated capability that brings together real-time information from data center infrastructure with customer service profiles and customer support tools. Cologix customers have confidence knowing that the infrastructure that supports their services is instrumented, connected and managed with a high degree of intimacy.

Cologix Cloud Connect

Rapid, secure, reliable access to 125+ cloud service providers, connected directly across 8 strategic North American markets. Cologix Cloud Connect provides a streamlined source for enterprises in Tier II markets to access the widest selection of cloud services to securely satisfy their current needs while retaining adaptability to the changing technology landscape. Cologix customers have technology choice between public, private and hybrid cloud models as well as vendor choice within each model.

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