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CloudGenix AppFabric enables a software-defined WAN, allowing you to build a global WAN based on business need and policies rather than fragmented networking configuration changes.

What you need to know about CloudGenix

CloudGenix provides a software-defined WAN solution with AppFabric technology that enables you to build a global WAN based on business policies for application performance, compliance, and security, across all sites and users.  Unlike router-based solutions, CloudGenix AppFabric allows you to define top-down global policies based on business intent rather than fragmented bottoms-up configuration changes based on technical implementation.  With CloudGenix, you can easily integrate heterogeneous WAN connections for any site, take advantage of cloud and SaaS applications, improve visibility for application performance and SLAs, and dramatically simplify network operations.  

CloudGenix Products and Services

Confidently deploy cloud and SaaS applications – ensure consistent performance, security, and compliance for cloud applications

Take advantage of commodity Internet for remote offices – establish a secure AppFabric amongst sites over any transport and realize cost/performance benefits vs MPLS

Improve application performance – machine-learning based analysis of app flows and network links to determine best performing path for each application

Gain insights and actionable data on your apps and network – understand how your apps and networks are performing and what is causing performance issues

Align network behavior with business intent – policies written in the language of business rather than complex networking rules

Reduce remote office hardware – consolidate and remove unnecessary server and networking infrastructure at the remote office and simplify management


  • Gartner Cool Vendor, 2015
  • IDC SD-WAN Innovator, 2017

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