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CentraCom is a proven provider of enterprise-grade networking, communications and connectivity services that address a wide variety of telecommunications technologies. Headquartered in Fairview, Utah, the company owns and operates a statewide fiber-optic network comprised of both metropolitan access networks and extensive coverage throughout rural Utah. With its robust network backbone and expert staff, CentraCom is equipped to meet the needs of business customers of all sizes.

What You Should Know About CentraCom

The CentraCom Team at their Headquarters in Fairview, Utah

CentraCom's Dedicated Internet Access provides customers with reliable bandwidth to meet business and subscribers' needs throughout Utah. Other providers deliver bandwidth to major metropolitan areas and then add backhaul circuits that may become single points of failure. CentraCom's Dedicated Internet Access product is built to ensure that your business will always have high speed Internet customized for your data usage, without service delays or downtime.

CentraCom Differentiators:

    • In house construction crew, specializing in new fiber builds


    • Robust Utah fiber network with the most rural connectivity and metro reach


    • 100G metro backbone - 10G Transport and Internet circuits


    • Utah Data Center Connecivity


    • SIP, Hosted, and PBX voice options


    • Zero Surcharges or Fees

CentraCom Products

  • Ethernet
  • E-NNI
  • E-Lan
  • Ethernet Private Line
  • Managed Router
  • Hosted Firewall

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