Why Telecom Agents Need Additional Products Sets

Telecom agents are like milkmen. Remember back in the day when the milkman would deliver fresh cartons (or bottles) of milk right to your front doorstep? Ah, those were the days.

Now, to get your milk fix you have to drive to your local grocery or superstore. En route to the dairy section, which always seems to be as far away from the main entrance as possible, you find your cart full of cereal, steak, bread, orange juice, PopTarts, and protein drinks (my favorite).

It’s not that the need for milk has gone away, but the way in which we source it has changed dramatically. We are now bundling that purchase into one trip to the store, often running up a tab of $200 or more. Note, only $10 or so of that is actual milk!


Technology consumption also continues to change. Ten years ago businesses would call their local bandwidth broker—some call them telecom agents—and request a quote for a T1 (for the Internet) and a PRI (to connect to their phone system). Communications were nice and compartmentalized. Life was nice and simple for the telecom agents—the milkmen of telecom— who manually put together those price quotes and showed their customers how much they could save by switching to another carrier.

Today businesses are focused on leveraging technology to give them a competitive advantage over their competitors. Winning, on a budget, is the goal now. How you get them to that promised land is entirely up to you.

Winning is the Goal

“Winning is the goal?” you ask? “How do I sell that?”

The main goal will be to leverage technology to improve the effectiveness of your client. Screen-pops for customer service, unified communications for a distributed workforce, easy-to-generate invoices that tie into the main CRM securely through the Cloud.  Outcomes like these are the name of the game.

Telecom Agents Expand Their Offering

To play in this game, telecom agents become cloud brokers by adding a few services, OTHER than bandwidth:

-Application providers
-Cloud storage (private, public, or hybrid cloud)
-Data center providers
-Hardware (handsets, mobile phones, etc.)
-Hosted PBX providers
-Monitoring software
-Security (cloud-based firewall)
-Unified communication providers

Of course, there may be even more technology your customers will ask you to bring to bear as you assemble their next-generation competitor killer. But be advised, just like the days of the milkmen, telecom agents are nearing an end. Broaden your horizons and learn more about the non-bandwidth products and services that many carriers already offer, or suffer your fate like the milkman.

Telarus master agent specializes in working with to help telecom agents become cloud brokers and expand their horizons. Contact us about engaging with our sales team.


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