Telarus Partners with Ensable Inc. a Demand Generation Platform for Channel Selling Organizations

July 11, 2017

Ensable.pngSANDY, UT - Telarus, Inc., master agent of business data, voice, and cloud services, today announced it has entered into a partnership with Ensable Inc. for demand generation services.  Ensable was founded by former Telarus CIO, Justin Chugg to help channel selling organizations increase sales through demand generation.  Ensable will leverage the unique web crawling technology Chugg created while working as the CIO of Telarus to build lead lists for its customers. Ensable Inc. begins accepting new customers on July 12, 2017, with Justin Chugg serving as the company’s president.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ensable to help our partners sell more ethernet and cloud services,” said Adam Edwards, CEO of Telarus. “Justin’s ability to create web crawling software that can harvest, analyze, and cross-reference key data points has been valuable to the sales partners with whom he’s interacted during his time at Telarus. Launching Ensable as a separate venture will allow Ensable to achieve scale and further develop technology and tools from which Telarus partners will benefit.  We look forward to introducing all of our partners to Ensable and having them reap the rewards of strategic demand generation.”

Justin Chugg served as CIO for Telarus from 2015 to 2017, and before that served as the Telarus Director of Digital Marketing from 2004 to 2013. The systems developed by Chugg harvest data from diverse online sources, including LinkedIn, GeoQuote, Hoovers, YP, Google, Facebook, and others, to build detailed contact lists based on physical address, company name, and/or market vertical.

“I am excited to launch Ensable, Inc. and to focus on helping agents and managed service providers target the customers that fit within their respective niche market,” added Justin Chugg, CEO of Ensable, Inc. “With the help of the Telarus team, we have created a revolutionary new demand generation engine that works 24/7 to research and discover new selling opportunities for sales organizations focused on cloud infrastructure consulting; specially fiber ethernet, data center, and unified communications. Since we crawl the web for each new search, our data sets are fresh and up-to-date, yielding higher close rates than our competition. Most of all, I look forward to working with Telarus partners, suppliers, and employees to continue scaling the program now and in the future. With so much noise in the marketplace, it’s important to take a sniper approach so that you’re in the right place, at the right time, talking to the right person. Pulling fresh data each and every time is the key to accomplishing that vision.”

Ensable has also developed strategic listening tools to help its subscribers become aware of up-sell opportunities within their existing customer and prospecting base.  This “listening” service, as well as the list-building services are bundled into three pricing plans for new clients: a freemium version with limited queries and paid plans, starting at $250 per month, that offer more extensive lists and data feeds. All pricing plans can be found on the company’s new website located at

“We would like to publicly recognize and thank Justin for his many years of service at Telarus,” said Patrick Oborn, co-founder of Telarus. “Justin has a 10-year track record of working hard, thinking outside of the box, and building software that is able to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. Whether it’s finding the right decision maker for a company located at a particular address, or finding the cell phone number of a key executive at Fortune 1000 company, Justin’s system can do it. We are excited to continue our relationship with him as business partners as we work together to bring in more customers, investors, and employees to Ensable.”

If you have a salesforce and want to feed them targeted prospects through Ensable, visit for more information.

About Ensable, Inc.

Headquartered in Eagle Mountain, Utah, Ensable Inc. is a software company that specializes in building prospecting lists for business-to-business focused sales agencies across a variety of industries. Ensable’s unique web crawling technology allows for geographic targeting, down to a specific building address, as well as industry-specific targeting. Using the Ensable platform, businesses from all over the world are able to learn more about their prospects before contacting them and thereby increasing their close ratios. Ensable has also developed strategic listening tools to help its subscribers become aware of up-sell opportunities within their existing customer and prospecting base. To learn more about how Ensable can help grow your business, please visit

About Telarus

Telarus, Inc. is a technology services distributor (Master Agent) that holds contracts with more than 100 data, voice, and cloud providers. To help our partners “See What Others Can’t,” we have created and/or purchased tools to help them win more business. These tools include:

  • Complimentary monitoring of all circuits sourced through Telarus powered by VXSuite
  • Real-time VoIP pre-assessments and troubleshooting, powered by VXSupportLine
  • GeoQuote real-time pricing tools to aid partners in the carrier selection process.
  • MoonRize to provide automated, daily updates of every active order placed through Telarus
  • VXSuite pre-assessments to determine if a customer’s network is ready for a UC implementation
  • Cisco and ShoreTel certified cloud engineers to aid partners in complex VoIP and Cloud designs

Behind the scenes, Telarus offers partners project management to ensure the services they order are turned up properly, as well as account management to assist end users with the carrier renewal process and to up-sell new services on their behalf.

Telarus was voted the best Master Agent by the members of the Telecom Association for 2016 and is a top three channel partner for nearly all providers it represents. Today, thousands of partners including Agents, Cloud Brokers, MSPs, and Solution Providers use Telarus to source network, SD-WAN, UCaaS, and cloud computing services. To learn more about the Telarus opportunity, please visit


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