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The October 13, 2015 Tuesday call featured account management director Nichole Enoch.  She elaborates on the benefits and provides a case study with incredible results.  Watch the segmented video for Account Management here.

To better understand this new service, here are some questions you may want to ponder. 

What impact would it make on your business to:

  • Cut your attrition in half?
  • Gain back more hours in your day?
  • Continue to grow your existing base and acquire new accounts?
  • Offer an always-available contact for your customers?

Why Let Your Base be Managed by Telarus?

You’ve worked hard to build up your base of customers and giving them the attention and support they deserve and want will not only strengthen those dwindling relationships, but secure your financial future.  Consider these benefits and then see the following case study as proof of why many are now turning their base management over to Telarus.

  • Gives back valuable time to focus on selling and acquiring new customers.
  • Retain existing customers by increasing renewal rates and stopping churn.
  • Grow sales with existing customers by identifying and closing new upsell opportunities
  • Basis for succession planning

Case study

Working with a Telarus partner for less than a year, the following improvements were seen as a result of Telarus Base Management:

Customer Loss Reduced by 50%


Only a Third Was Lost in MRC Compared to the Previous Year



Only a Third Was Lost in Monthly Commissions Compared to the Previous Year

Your Business Insurance Policy

What happens when you want to retire, take a vacation, or life emergencies come up?  Base management can act as insurance for your business.  You also have some things to consider when contemplating an exit strategy.  You could slowly let your base fade out.  You could sell your base for 1x the MRC.  Or, you can have a program like base management in place to continue to provide lasting residuals. 

Account Management is an Investment

Investing in your base yields ongoing, positive results, but it does take time.  Using Telarus base management adds time and security back into your life by placing the maintenance and follow up for each customer on the base management team. The service includes white labeling so your customers feel cared for by your business rather than a third party. Those features include:

  • Comprehensive reporting:
    • Weekly report pulling from the back office detailing by day which customer was contacted and any changes that occurred (notes, orders, proposals, etc.)
    • Health of Base Report revealing accounts in jeopardy, opportunities, changes in billing, and program performance.
    • 1-1-3 Support difference: Reaches out 1 week after comes on.  Again after 1 month for a bill review, and then 3 months after for another bill audit.  Ongoing communications include a monthly marketing email drip and quarterly calls to have real in depth conversations to feel out the health of the relationship.
    • Moves-adds and changes (MAC)
    • Escalations and Resolution
    • Access to all trained staff with resources including engineering, marketing, provisioning, etc.

Market Your Support Difference with Customized Slicks

Receive a white labeled marketing slick with your logo and color scheme to use as you would like.  It communicates to your base that you care and are going to be following up on a schedule to make sure they are getting the support they deserve.



Your Own Dedicated Account Manager

The Telarus base management team will be readily available to you and will constantly be working in the background to ensure seamless efforts in:

  • Ongoing outreach
  • Weekly marketing drip campaigns
  • Internal reports showing:
    • When contracts are coming up for renewal 
    • Which accounts are under Auto Renewal Contracts
    • Which accounts have the largest revenue
    • Provisioning
    • Project Management
    • Engineering
    • Marketing
    • 1-1-3 Reach Out
    • Milestone Information
    • Accounts in Jeopardy
    • Opportunities
    • Monthly Revenue Changes
    • Weekly report outlining Back Office Activity:
      • When notes are added to an account
      • When orders are added to an account
      • When a task is assigned for follow up

Access to Telarus Resources

  • Provisioning
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Marketing

Customized Reports

  • 1-1-3 Reach Out
  • Milestone Information
  • Accounts in Jeopardy
  • Opportunities
  • Monthly Revenue Changes
  • Weekly report outlining Back Office Activity:
    • When notes are added to an account
    • When orders are added to an account
    • When a task is assigned for follow up

How to Get Started

Contact Nichole Enoch at to schedule an evaluation of your base and where you would like to have base management take over. Once started, you can expect the following process:




Q: How much does this cost?
A: Depending on pass-through, it would be close to 10 points.  

Q: Are there minimum requirements to qualify for base management?
A: Give us a call. Even if you don’t need full service Base Management, we have many offerings that we could customize to your base.

Q: How does base management integrate engineering, provisioning, etc.
A: Depending on the complexity, Nichole would engage those department heads based on needs

Q – What portion of a partner’s base of customers will Telarus manage?
A – The design is to manage either a partner’s entire base or the majority of their base that can be managed by Telarus.  If a partner wants to retain and manage a handful of customers due to relationships or other factors that is fine, but we don’t want them handing over just a small portion to Telarus to manage.

Q – Will we work with customers in the pre-sales and sales process?
A – Not at this time, Base Management services are only for customers once their services have been installed.  We will not do lead gen for partners or work through a list of potential customers.

Q – If a partner is using Telarus for Base Management and they bring on new customers, will they automatically go under Base Management?
A – The answer is yes, part of the agreement between Telarus and the partner is new customers will automatically go under Base Management unless the partner gets with Telarus and both parties agree to not move a particular customer under Base Management.

Q – What is the opt-out policy regarding pulling out specific customers in Base Management and the customer base as a whole?
A – Partners can opt out of the Base Management agreement at any time with 180 days written notice. This would be for the entire base that we are managing.  Partners cannot pick and choose customers that they want to take back from Base Management as we are managing them.  The Base management fees will remain in place on customers that we have renewed contracts or upsold new services until the end of that contract.



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