ShoreTel is Brilliantly Simple

The April 25th Telarus Tuesday call brought, Bruce Wilkerson and Phil Chandler of ShoreTel, to discuss how ShoreTel makes interactions simple. The entire recording can be found here.

Who is ShoreTel?

ShoreTel is a Silicon Valley based company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with offices and partners worldwide. The company was founded in 1996 by a group of engineers with one objective in mind, pure IP communication for businesses and enterprises. Since then, they have grown into a company with over 1100 employees, and over 40,000 customers worldwide. About a quarter of ShoreTel’s customers are now purely cloud based, making that the fastest growing segment of their business.

ShoreTel Connect

ShoreTel has been doing IP telephony since 1998 when they first came to market. About six years ago they acquired a cloud based company from the east coast called M5 Networks. This led them to merge their on-site premise solution and their cloud solution. A little more than a year ago, ShoreTel introduced their fifteenth major release of their on-site product. This also became the common platform for their cloud services as well. What ShoreTel has now is a single platform, product, set of interfaces, and a single set of endpoints. That only leaves the question. how you want to consume it? Do you want to buy and own it as an on-site, do you want to rent it, or are you looking for a hybrid of both options?   

Telarus Master Agent explains how shoretel is brilliant and simple

Flexible Connectivity Options

ShoreTel has a number of data centers across the country which they are expanding to a global presence in terms of data center and cloud offerings. There’s a variety of connectivity options ShoreTel offers:

The Service is the Product Now

Customers are now offered a number of services that are now part of the deployment. The services offered are the following:

  • Cloud Customer Onboarding - Make discovery, design, and delivery as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Cloud Customer Support - Global 24/7 moves, adds, and changes plus system and site level monitoring to maintain your Business Continuity.
  • Cloud Account Management - Personalized service experience and customized growth management by a personal Account Manager.  

Easy to Use UC Client

ShoreTel knows there are a lot of desktop integrations out there, so what they’ve done is  created a desktop solution that is simple and easy to use. It’s a full collaboration tool that includes the capabilities for instant messaging and chat, a full softphone built into it, and also calendar integration. You can also use it for scheduled conference calls which can be web-based, video-based, and audio-based.  

Rich Desk Phone Capabilities

It’s a mobile world, so ShoreTel continues to invest in mobile applications. They have a great mobility solution, which integrates with both Android and iOS devices. This essentially takes all the power of the desktop application as well as what’s available through their IP phones and puts it right into your mobile device. What this means is that it works over wi-fi or over cellular if don’t have access to wi-fi, every call you make can now look like you’re calling from the office. The full capabilities include:

Recent Introductions

ShoreTel Video Collaboration was added into the cloud solution at the beginning of this year. You can now schedule video call, join video calls through the desktop client as well as from outlook meeting invitations sent to participants. It also give you the ability to edit a video conference from the client.

Another recent introduction is an application called “Teamwork.” It is a team and project based application where you can share files, assigned tasks, and instant message. If you add new team members into a project they have the ability to go back and see the history and all of the data that’s been stored as part of that project and project team. Teamwork will start growing into a desktop solution later this year.

ShoreTel Products for Telarus

Below you can view a list of various products that are available through Telarus for Telarus partners.

Why Shoretel?

ShoreTel has a national sales team who is there to help you along the way with discovery, design, proposals, and closing.Their focus is on UCasS market, and partner channels so they are there to help you not to compete with you. Another very important point is their “Sales Rules of Engagement.” This includes full sales support and opportunity protection. As mentioned before they have been doing IP telephony for enterprises longer than anyone in the market, not only do they have the background but they also continue to innovate.They also add new features to their cloud customers every month. ShoreTel was built by people who believed in finding “a better way.” As a leading provider of business communications solutions, their quest to find a simpler way for businesses to interact never stops. For more details about what ShoreTel has to offer visit www.shoretel.comor listen to their full Tuesday Call recording here.


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