No More Handwringing: The Benefits GeoQuote’s Real Time Prices

Geo-logo.pngNo More Handwringing: The Benefits of a GeoQuote Real Time Price  

Shakespeare wrote that expectation is the root of all heartache. Could he have actually been describing the GeoQuotes real time prices? Are we expecting too much from GeoQuote?

Maybe expectations are not too high, they are just pointed in the wrong direction.      

Lets find out.

Have you ever had any of the following thoughts?

  • I ran a quote in GeoQuote and the real time price was wrong.
  • I can’t trust GeoQuote! 
  • What’s the point of showing a real time price, if it is just budgetary?
  • If I show the customer a real time price that is wrong, it will anger them. 

These thoughts miss the real point of GeoQuote.  

The Point of GeoQuote

To see GeoQuotes strengths, we cannot have the following beliefs. 

  • When a service is quoted in GeoQuote, the quotation is exact. 
  • Every possible vendor is represented in GeoQuote.  

The Origins of GeoQuote

Maybe if we see how GeoQuote was started, we wont expect miracles from it.  

GeoQuote came from a need to provide pricing quickly at a time when pricing was a very manual process. For the sake of providing something to customers, several people started piecing together quotes and keeping a record of these quotes.  

They said, “Lets see, in that area of California, I got a quote for a T1 two weeks ago at a price of $1,400 from Carrier A and $1,200 from Carrier B. Thats about what the customer can expect.”

They were then able to give customers ballpark numbers based on similar, past quotes. The customer was then told the price and that the price was a ballpark figure. Official pricing from the vendors would come later.

The strategy worked well. Data continued to be collected and database tables created. Eventually, and vendor partnerspricing via API was included. 

Suddenly, GeoQuote was born. The information was always meant as a benchmark that could enable sales.

Why A Real Time Price Cant Be Exact 

Some prices are darn close. Copper-based services are very solid. There are occasional hiccups, but they are generally good.

Fiber pricing has caused problems with some people in the past because it is budgetary. But, how can pricing be more exact when vendors are still building out their infrastructures? No one knows what to charge the customer prior to a site survey. They have a general idea (budgetary pricing), but not a guaranteed one.

Fiber has numerous variables to consider that affect the price. To expect the price you waited 60 seconds for in GeoQuote to entail every possible variable and custom fit is asking too much. 

GeoQuote provides agents a starting point by showing which vendors might be available at a given address and a ballpark amount of expected pricing.

An agent upsets customers if (s)he only runs a quote and expects the serviceability to be guaranteed and the pricing to be exact. Serviceability and pricing need to be confirmed with the supplier. In fact, until a site survey is performed, the pricing given by the supplier is budgetary.

Every Possible Vendor Is Not Represented in GeoQuote 

Many vendors, but not every vendor cooperates. AT&T, Verizon, and others consider it a security risk to send lit buildings and fiber routes. Additionally, some re-sellers cannot disclose the on-net locations of their underlying carriers en masse. But, they can qualify single locations via API and provide pricing. The best way to see all of the potential suppliers is to look at the fiber map and to also run a quote.

So if one approaches GeoCache with the expectation of a starting point, the purpose of which is to advance a potential sale, then the expectation can be high. If one approaches it as a perfect real time price generator that is guaranteed regardless of vendor, then expectation leads to heartache.


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