Circuit Monitoring Included with all Telarus Circuits

The November 11 Tuesday call brought Adam Edwards, Telarus CEO, Michael Brown, vice president of IT, and Doug Tolley, SVP of sales all to announce the big news of Telarus-sourced circuits being equipped with free circuit monitoring. The call recording can be seen here.


Circuit Monitoring Included with all Telarus Circuits Launched Today

With the acquisition of VXSuite, the first big step has been taken to enable Telarus partners to differentiate themselves in a new and big way. Now agents can not only sell circuits, but also make sure that the circuits work well for the customer with Telarus-added circuit monitoring.  There are four main features to this free service:

Ping Tests

When agents sign up for circuit monitoring a ping test goes out to that particular circuit. This allows several data metrics to be gathered such as:

      • If the circuit is up or down.
      • How long the packets are taking to get back and forth.
      • How many ping tests failed by time over each circuit.
      • Average delay over the past 24 hours.

Our ping tests monitor more than just a single packet. By default, five pings are sent and the report shows how many of those come back.

Traceroute Tests

Traceroute tests are sent to the router to provide additional performance metrics. If there is a slow-down in that circuit, you have hop-by-hop performance data, and can be the hero and identify where hang-ups might be in that circuit.

Customer Notifications

Notifications can be set via email to alert you or your customer if a circuit goes down. This is a feature you can offer to your customers. When talking to your customer, this is a huge selling point to differentiate yourself since it's at no extra cost to them.

Dashboard and Circuit Summary Information

It’s one thing to do these simple tests, but it’s another to deliver comprehensive reports to your customer.

Dashboard and circuit summary information is a part of all Telarus circuit monitoring. You will be able to see —by carrier— how many circuits are currently down. This real time report shows you circuits by carrier and their status. You know which circuit is down—and for each customer.

What is Required for Telarus Circuit Monitoring?

In order to take advantage of the benefits of Telarus the following must be in place:


The circuit does have to be sourced through Telarus. While this new feature doesn’t reflect in added cost to the end customer, it doesn’t mean there is no cost involved. Telarus incurs these costs, thus the reason it needs to be sourced through Telarus.


Only static IP addresses can be tested.


If you opt for the alert notifications from the circuit monitoring system, an email address needs to be provided. This can be your email or your customer’s email.

Helping Partners See What Others Can't

The history of Telarus master agentis based in technology and our desire to provide increased transparency and tools to partners that differentiate them from the competition.

This launch is no exception.
Why sell a circuit from anyone else when you can have circuit monitoring added for no additional charge?

For those who feel the new VXSuite tools are too difficult to learn and sell, this can act as your segway. This can be the tip of the spear that introduces the beginning of a whole new platform of other innovation. Let the reports from the free circuit monitoring break the ice and this will lead to additional revenue for you as your conversations begin to change in light of this new game changer.

More big announcements are on the horizon, including integrations with the Telarus app, partner dashboards, automation, and others.

For circuit monitoring training and other VXSuite trainings, click here to for a calendar and registration page.


Q: Who can be notified?
A: Typically the agent and the customer are both notified.

Q: Can it work without a static IP?
A: It cannot. The only option is to go back to the carrier and request a static IP for that circuit.

Q: Can I monitor more than just the circuit?
A: We hope this opens up conversations about what else can be monitored. VXSuite is a complete network monitoring application and more options are available. A pre-network assessment is a valuable tool partners can use to determine if a network is ready for VoIP. Talk to your Telarus PSM about this service.

Q: Can you open a ticket with a carrier for me?
A: We cannot do this today, but ultimately, Telarus plans to offer this service. So when there is an alarm about a bad circuit, Telarus could be the one to take action. Alerts and reporting are available in phase one.

Q: Don’t the carriers do this for me?

A: Some of them do. Those that do have varying degrees of quality. The big difference is the consolidated view you will have across all of the different carriers. You also need to be weary when the prisoners are running the prison, so to speak. Their circuit monitoring is not immune to biased reports and things being left out.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact your Telarus PSM and they will request the necessary information you will need. As Telarus fine-tunes this provisioning process, an automated solution will be implemented. Until then, while these first steps are being taken, Telarus will need your assistance.

Q: Can the notifications and other reports be white labeled to reflect partner logos rather than the Telarus and VXSuite logos?
A: Yes, partners can brand them where it makes sense with the bigger opportunities. After those discussions take place, certain pieces of information will need to be provided—such as SSL certificates,  and DNS entry.

Q: With only one email being permitted for the notifications, can the partner set up their own dissemination of that email?
A: Absolutely

Q: Can the notification come via an SMS text instead of email?
A: Currently, no. This is something being looked into, as well as the ability to receive notifications through your Telarus mobile app.

Q: What address will the email notification come from?
A: But if you would like that address to be different, or have the report look a different way, we can work that out on a case-by-case basis.

Q: You said this is a free service, but is that just introductory special?
A: There are no plans to ever charge partners for this basic circuit monitoring. However, while there is no extra cost to you or your customer, you could absolutely bill the end customer for it (before you even get to the premium products). If you see an opportunity to bill with this free product, then by all means, leverage this value add.

Q: Is there any limit to the size of the client?
A: No, this is a service that both small and large clients can benefit from.

Q: How do we set these people up in the system?
A: Contact your PSM to start the configurations.

Q: Is this just for internet circuits or is this also for MPLS and other types of circuits?
A: Right now it is just for internet circuits. The VXPulse product within VXsuite is capable of monitoring other circuits.

Q: If a partner already sold a circuit, but not yet installed it, is the free circuit monitoring still available?
A: Yes

Q: Is extra equipment necessary on site, or elsewhere, to provide this free service?
A: No. It is all free.

Q: How secure is the service and is there a chance it could be hacked?
A: Nothing is installed on the customer's equipment, as it is all cloud based. Therefore, there is no added security risks introduced. If someone does want to upgrade to full circuit monitoring, there is equipment installed with other factors that will be discussed at that time.

Q: In terms of what the customer sees, can they have their own dashboard to see certain things?
A: Yes, the visible resources available for the end customer’s dashboard can be customized from our end.

Q: Can we offer this to existing enterprise clients or can it be added retroactively to circuits already sourced through Telarus?
A: Yes, this is not just new circuits, it’s available to existing circuits.

Q: How easy is it to upgrade to VXPulse once the customer is using circuit monitoring?
A: It’s a very different implementation which requires a discovery phase with VXPulse involving IT. If you think VXPulse is the right choice for a customer, the free circuit monitoring is a great way to introduce those discussions.

Q: Will there be a way to migrate circuit monitoring services over to customers that have circuits not sourced through Telarus?
A: You can upsell these products for non-Telarus-sourced circuits at around $10/IP address. This question will be further discussed internally.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Your primary point of contact is your PSM. Also, you can talk to your RVP for marketing material that is forthcoming.

Q: Can the service also monitor coax services?
A: The only requirement is that the IP address needs to be static.

Q: How do you remove a circuit?
A: It is as easy as making a request through your PSM. Again, there is no touch on the customer's equipment.

Q: Can this work on international circuits?
A: Yes. One of our very first was in Ireland and was a great success.

Q: What is exactly is included in the free monitoring?
A: There will be a ping and a traceroute to that circuit. We will also measure packet loss and latency. Just because a circuit is up, doesn’t mean it is performing well.


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