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Hear MPLS and WAE insights from Sales Engineers from Comcast, Level 3, and CenturyLink
Telarus Co-Founder Patrick Oborn provides training on VXSuite, a network performance monitoring partner. Learn more.
Telarus President's Club 2015 awards the Top 20 partners a trip for a qualifying couple in Costa Rica. The Top 5 partners will receive an opportunity to bring 2 qualifying couples. These are rankings as of mid-March 2015. Are you trending with Telarus?
Telarus President's Club 2015 awards the Top 20 partners a trip for a qualifying couple in Costa Rica. These are rankings as of mid-March 2015. Did you make the top 20?
Listen to this fantastic case study from longtime Telarus partner Lance Akins who outlines his experience in landing a big Level 3 deal through Telarus.
Tune in to a fantastic Telx case study presented by longtime Telarus partner Laura Leggett.
This Granite case study sheds light on a fantastic recent win from Telarus partner Wes Spining.
Listen to this case study to find out how Telarus partner Darlene Stephens pulled off a great Virtual Hosted sale with ViaWest.
Listen to this case study to learn how long time Telarus partner Jon Arnold closed a stellar sale with AireSpring
Impressive winning case study from Telarus partner Doug Elley with Ranger Networks
Impressive winning case study from Telarus partner Jim Bilhorn with Network Consulting
Listen to Director of Partner Compensation Lori O'Rourke and her commissions team answer all your questions about commissions on today's Telarus Tuesday Call.
Adam Edwards, David Bashford, and Patrick Oborn give the guests of the 2014 Telarus Partner Summit a warm welcome and set the tone for the conference.
Mike Boland, President and Founder of TelAdvocate Communications, informs Telarus partners how he has managed his successful VAR relationships, how he found this opportunity and the things he learned in closing this 12K deal with Windstream.
Michael Bremmer, CEO of outlines how he played a consulting role with this customer to increase MRC but also provide the solution that the customer needed.
Mike Sickle, President of Dynamic Network Advisors, explains why Windstream was the right solution and how he used GeoQuote to locate some Fiber opportunities on this multi-location deal.
Walt Mauder details his experience with VocalIP and takes some of your questions that some partners have regarding service and product offerings with VocalIP Networx.
Brad Carrell, Partner at Strategic Telecom Partners, explains a Case Study where both Comcast and Telarus stepped up to resolve a concern with his customer.
Jim Warren, General Manager at RDM Communications, explains his Telesphere solutions for a customer and why their product fit his customer's needs.
Listen to hear Telarus partner Sam Cuccia speak about his impressive win with Level 3 Communications.
Listen in to hear Telarus partner Bob Morrison talk about his successful sale 14 location sale with Telnes.
Using the powerful Telarus fiber locator tool, powered by Google maps, partners can find fiber-lit buildings that offer high speed Ethernet service for enterprise IP transport and internet service.
Listen to hear Telarus partner Jerry Kuntz talk about his large win with AireSpring at the beginning of this year.
With Telarus' powerful telecom research tools, managed service providers can design private cloud deployments in a fraction of the time it used to take with old-school master agents. We'll show you how in this video.
A brief video tutorial of the Comcast automated paperwork creator design by telecom master agent, Telarus.
See which carriers are 'in the game' by using GeoScan, for one location or multi-location opportunities. Knowing who is NOT in the game is a huge time-saver for commercial telecom agents.
See the patented GeoQuote system in action, see carrier fiber maps for ethernet service, learn what it can do and see just how easy your life can be working with Telarus for your commercial telecom carrier needs.
See just how easy it is to get real-time quotes on DSL, T1, Ethernet, PRI, and business phone service using
A 10-minute guided tour of the Telarus agent back office, built from the ground up, to provide easy CRM access to their client list and to help them project manage their carrier service accounts.
Listen to hear partner Laura Leggett discuss her successful experience in utilizing the Telarus AMP program, powered by ClikCloud.
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