Aprimo Email Campaigns

Telarus enables our partners to easily send effective email campaigns to prospective clients using our Aprimo self-service tool. These campaigns include several pre-loaded emails with calls to action that take the recipient to a white-labeled microsite to convert them into a lead for you. 

*If you already use Aprimo for your marketing slicks, then you will use that same account login. If you are new to Aprimo, you will need to register for free under the Telarus umbrella to access our content free of charge.  This page provides a  simple walk-through to get started. Note that there is a 1-2 business day approval process to validate your affiliation with Telarus before being allowed access to the content. Your patience here is very much appreciated.

For help with any issues in using Aprimo, please reach out to Aprimo Support

Upload Your First Prospect List

Before setting up your first email campaign, you must upload a recipient list. In the left green navigation bar, find and click on List Management.

Following the required spreadsheet format (see the orange box where you can download the email template), you will need to create a title for your list and upload the file.  Make sure status is set to ON after uploading.

Choose Your Campaign

This tool is new and many of our suppliers are getting on board and submitting content to allow Telarus partners more email campaign options. Currently there are a few to choose from. 

Select Your Email Campaigns and Audience

Click the checkboxes for the emails you wish to send/schedule. As you hover over each email, an edit box will appear. Click Edit to select the uploaded audience list and schedule your send dates.

To select your audience, switch to the Audience Selection tab. Note too that from this Email tab view, you can choose your send date, send a test to yourself, and also modify the subject line if desired.

Click the checkbox next to the desired uploaded lists and click Add Selected, then Save.

Send Your Email

Now that you've selected your emails, lists, and desired send date, Click Next to process your order.

The next screen will review your order. Click Place Order to queue up the emails and receive your confirmation emails.

That's it! If you have further questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to Aprimo Support at support@aprimodm.com.

Want to Check Your New Leads from Form Fills?

In the green sidebar on the left of your screen, select Leads.

From there you will see the information submitted by any new leads resulting from your email campaign micro site's form fill!