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Telarus at a Glance

Telarus is a value added distributor focused on supporting our partners in selling Network, UCaaS, and Cloud Services.

Telarus Values

Partner Success

Partner success is our passion.  We strive to make partners faster, stronger and smarter.  Their success is our success. 

Team Success

Telarus is a team and sometimes we refer to ourselves as a family.  We all perform, learn, and improve as individuals but we fall short when we don’t help our teammates do the same


We seek new ways to serve our partners and to perform our tasks.  Change will continue and we welcome it; we’ll be causing it.  Mistakes are an important part of progress and we are not afraid of testing and refining.

What We Do

Telarus is a value added distributor of Network, UC, and cloud services with a sole focus on creating unique value for our partners. In 2003 Telarus authored (and patented) the world's first real-time commercial telecom pricing software and gave it a name: GeoQuote. Today, thousands of partners including Agents, Cloud Brokers, MSPs and Solution Providers use Telarus to easily source Network, UC and Cloud services.We are consistently rated the top value added distributor because we go beyond quoting, provisioning, and commission payments. We help our partners with marketing strategies that help them market to their customers. We offer business development coaching to help them grow their business. We offer pre-sales support, post sales support, and many services beyond the sale. All of this accumulates to Telarus becoming the fastest growing distributor in the country.

Who We Are

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